The Salesforce Consultant Hourly Rate Calculator

Determine your ideal hourly rate with the Salesforce Consultant Calculator.

How to Build the Best E-Commerce Platform in 2020

E-Commerce platforms are growing in popularity. With more and more customers making purchases online, a B2B E-Commerce platform is not a luxury but an expectation. 

CRM Best Practices

To address a rapidly changing and challenging environment, companies must ensure they are in control, have focus, and are recruiting effectively.

CRM Success Part 3: Recruitment

Critical factors contributing to implementation failure underscores further the criticality of consultant acumen across a wide spectrum.

CRM Success Part 2: Focus

In the context of IT leadership, the choice of how to focus is more critical than ever.
Road to CRM Success

CRM Success Part 1: Control

The demand for success is evident in CRM, which has become dominant in the global software market.  

Salesforce Staffing: Hiring vs. Outsourcing

Having business leaders championing and supporting Salesforce implementations is a key indicator of future success.

5 Best Practices For Salesforce Staffing

Bringing in top Salesforce experts doesn't need to be complicated. For an effective and efficient Salesforce talent strategy, consider these 5 best practices.

3 Ways Business Leaders Can Help your Company Win with Salesforce

Having business leaders championing and supporting Salesforce implementations is a key indicator of future success.

How to Keep Up with Salesforce CPQ

The demand for CPQ solutions is growing exponentially. According to a Gartner report, market revenue for CPQ tools is expected to grow by 20% year over year through 2020. This is for good reason, too.

4 Reasons to Contract your Salesforce Project

With an increased demand for Salesforce professionals and the wide range of technical knowledge needed for many projects, consider these reasons to contract your Salesforce work.

Life After Launch: 8 Ways to Maximize Your Salesforce CPQ Investment

What are the most important items to focus on to ensure smooth sailing with Salesforce CPQ? Here is what Salesforce CPQ customers and Certified Salesforce experts consider to be most important in Life after Launch.

Coming Soon: 9 New Salesforce CPQ and Billing Changes

If you’re interested in tapping into this CPQ revolution before you end up labeled a laggard, read on to learn more about the 9 Salesforce CPQ and Billing changes launching this spring.

The Most Important Skills of the Salesforce Admin

A skilled Salesforce Admin can take its company to new heights. Here are a few important skills to look for when hiring a Salesforce Admin.

What Makes a Salesforce Professional Valuable

Salesforce Consultant Grant Ongstad shares his insight on what makes a Salesforce Admin valuable to an organization.